Friday, 30 November 2007

The Last 2 Weeks - Summed Up

So the last few weeks have been one long hoot. We had the Nate Wilson clan visiting for Thanksgiving - and thus we had NINE children all sleeping in the same room - four of them jet lagged. This actually turned out to be ridiculously easy, considering. The kids had a blast together and basically picked up playing right where they left off this summer. We trooped them all over Oxford and adjoining counties, made them taste mince pies and clotted cream, took Nate and Heather to dinner at Christ Church, cooked a 28 pound Thanksgiving turkey in a miniature oven, drove them past and made them wave at Stonehenge, visited the major Oxford museums, picnicked on the Thames, saw the remaining earthworks of several iron age hill forts, one ruined castle, one cathedral, and one palace. They also metal detected in our pasture and found, among other things, bits of wire, old bolts, a yogurt lid, and half of one Georgian buckle (like the kind the Pilgims wore on their hats.) All in all, a very productive 12 days. They also contributed greatly to the smooth flow of the household. After the first dinner where Brooke had to eat with the Tablespoon (as in, the cooking apparatus) and I had to use the teaspoon, Heather took me straight out and bought 2 large sets of silverware and now I feel downright opulent!

4 weeks later . . .

So as it's turning out, we're terrible at blogging. It's been almost an entire month since anything new as added to this blog - but since only about one and a half people have ever looked at it, this isn't too much of a let down for anyone! But, as an exercise in self discipline, I am now going to commence putting up some new pictures and whatnot.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

So Brooke Wilson is here! Hip hip hooray! We picked her up at the airport on Thursday, and she's doing remarkably well and showing no visible signs of jet lag! Today she went with us to St. Ebbe's church, and afterwards we took a picnic and went to The Kilns . . . . CS Lewis's house and property. We hiked up the ridge through the woods (the kids call it Narnia) and had a great time and a gorgeous fall lunch which included baguettes and apples and cheese and mince pies. We're all very excited that it's mince pie season again - and we're planning on making the most of it.