Sunday, 28 October 2007

Judah turns 3

Judah turned the big 3 the other night. He received a gun and a knife and a helmet, and was so pleased with them that he couldn't be bothered to taste his cake. He had a piece the next day when the thrill had worn off a bit and he could devote his mind to other things besides mayhem. Condsidering that we have had no toys of any kind in the house for 3 weeks it's hardly a surprise that he was a little dazzled by the prospect of having something to play with!
So here you have it. The Lower Farm House. It is absolutely fantastic, and just what we needed. You can see the huge pasture out past the house where the kids can run around. We are living in what is technically one of the worst neighborhoods of the city (thus the good deal on rent) - but we are just outside the village and can't see anything but fields in all directions. We're close enough to town that Ben can ride his bike into class - although it is a fairly death defying ride with hundreds of students on bikes all stampeding into town as a herd and weaving in and out of buses on ridiculously narrow roads.
The inside of the house is a hoot. It was unfurnished, and basically still is. But our landlord let us look through his barn for old furniture that people have left behind over the years - and that got us a table and some chairs which is very exciting. So far we have one mattress for Ben and me, and cushions on the floor for kids - there are no closets in the house and so far no wardrobes or dressers, so clothes are all in piles on the floor as well. We're hoping to get beds for the kids as soon as possible, and then maybe a couch. We're keeping a close watch on ebay. We did however find a whale of a deal on a piano on ebay - and Ben is going to pick it up today! The trouble with ebay is that when you find the real crazy deals it's almost never on the objects that were first on your priority list! But this piano was a deal we couldn't pass up and we're very excited to have it - now kids can start lessons and I can stop feeling like a delinquent mother for not getting music under their belts!