Sunday, 28 October 2007

Judah turns 3

Judah turned the big 3 the other night. He received a gun and a knife and a helmet, and was so pleased with them that he couldn't be bothered to taste his cake. He had a piece the next day when the thrill had worn off a bit and he could devote his mind to other things besides mayhem. Condsidering that we have had no toys of any kind in the house for 3 weeks it's hardly a surprise that he was a little dazzled by the prospect of having something to play with!


Wilbert said...

Happy birthday Judah! As you can see, we found you :) Now we can keep up with your daily life. We're planning a trip to Oxford, and we'll try and find your house too. So we hope to see you guys soon!

The Merkle Gang: said...

Wilbert! So good to hear from you! I accidentally had the "comments" the same color as the background color . . . so I didn't see this until today! (Obviously we're not so good with the blog thing yet!)

We missed you when we came back - do look us up if you come back to visit. And say hello to all your girls for us!