Thursday, 20 December 2007


Look what just arrived on my doorstep! The Kitchenaid, not the lemons. The fabulous and thoughtful Nate and Heather crew just had this delivered for me with best wishes for a holly jolly Christmas. How fun is this?!

I am SO pleased about this . . . last year, when we moved to England, New St Andrews college gave me a gorgeous red Kitchenaid as a going away gift. I loved that thing, and used it all the time - and kept it on my kitchen windowsill where I used it daily. But then, at the end of the year we had to move home to Moscow, not knowing if we would be returning to England. Because of the issue with the plugs and voltage being different in the States, the Kitchenaid couldn't come with us - and since we didn't know if we'd be returning there was nowhere to store it. So I reluctantly sold my mixer and told myself that I'd buy a new one at home and it would still be my NSA mixer. But then back we came to England and life is crazy and we still don't have a bed frame . . . so a Kitchenaid was a ways down my list. But not far enough down that I didn't pine for my old cheery mixer sitting jauntily on my windowsill. I pined especially when it was time to make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies - and I definitely could have used it during my marshmallow fluff escapade.

And here it is! And it's yellow this year! Thanks Nate and Heather - you're way too fun!


Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

Dear Nate and Heather,

I would like this model. Thanks ever so!

(Gotta run...they're saying it's time for my meds....)


Kelly Orr said...

I too, find the mixer indispensible for double batches of chocolate chip cookies. :)

Sheridan, Indiana

Esther said...

Wow Bekah, you're doing well on the updates! :) Glad we'll be able to keep up with you every now and then.
We had such a good time at Oxford last week, already miss it (yet again)... And we had a great time at your place! Thank you so much for that.
I hope I explained the game well... If the kids have questions: don't hesitate to send us an email!
I hope you had a very good Christmas, and that you'll have a good holiday.
Next time at Kolderveen? ;)

Tricia said...

I have the exact same mixer! It's such a cheery way to bake, don't you think?